Europegas 3 DIGITAL Timing Advance Processor


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This item is supplied without the wiring loom. It is intended as replacement part. If you also need the wiring loom, please let me know before ordering.

Timing Advance Processor EG Dynamic is being used to advance the moment of ignition in engines which run on LPG/CNG fuel in order to optimize the engine power and improve the dynamics of its work. This important when engine works on CNG, when the combustion time is much longer than the gasoline mixture combustion time. EG Dynamic enables connection to single inductive sensor and up to two digital sensors connected in any configuration. That universal TAP scans and learnscrankshaft and camshaft signals shifting for various engines.

Technical data

  • Very easy way of calibration and configuration process.
  • It is scanning, learning and supporting crankshaft and camshaft signals shifting for various engines.
  • Dynamic ignition angle advancing depending on actual value of engine speed, TPS throttle position and MAP.
  • Support three digital sensors (3D version).
  • Flexible adjustment of TAP activation moment.
  • Built-in anti-surge protection.
  • Very small waterproof case with dimensions 90x85mm with hermetic waterproof connector.




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